A Tribute to Blackwell

Working with a group that spans the better part of three generations, Tulsa music figures Paul Benjaman and Scott Hutchison, along with several other notable music figures, have created a new song that pays tribute to classic Tulsa Sound drummer and songwriter Chuck Blackwell. You… Read More »A Tribute to Blackwell

Behind-The-Scenes Magic

Greg Renoff is a top-flight Tulsa-based author who’s just collaborated on a book with one of the top record producers of the rock era. Subtitled A PLATINUM PRODUCER’S LIFE IN MUSIC and published by ECW Press, TED TEMPLEMAN tells the story of its subject’s musical… Read More »Behind-The-Scenes Magic

A John Wooley Twofer

This month in OKLAHOMA Magazine, you can, if you’re so inclined, catch a John Wooley twofer. My regular column tells about my experiences as an over-70 softball player, and the cover story pairs me with writer Henry Dolive (whom I haven’t had the pleasure of… Read More »A John Wooley Twofer


Stoney LaRue has long been one of the leading lights of the Stillwater-brewed musical concoction known to the world as Red Dirt. Recently, he and I visited about the current state of the Red Dirt scene as well as his new disc, which includes a bonus track featuring Stoney’s friend, the late Brandon Jenkins. It’s… Read More »SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR THE COSMOS

Pryor Obsessions

My friend Jimmie Tramel, a fine writer and big-time comic-book fan, puts on a great comics-related event in what to some may seem an unlikely place: Pryor, Oklahoma. It may indeed be held in a small town, but, over the past few years, the Pryor Creek Comic Convention has become a favorite destination for pop-culture… Read More »Pryor Obsessions