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Back in 2007, my friend Leo Evans (HELL HIGH, CAFE PURGATORY) and I, along with a cast and crew that included my videographer son Jonathan and future FORGOTTEN HORRORS PODCAST producer Joey Hambrick, shot a documentary on the life of our friend, Bill Boyce — who, as the doc’s tagline notes, romanced Marilyn, played touch football with Elvis, shared cups of coffee with Clint, and starred in a science-fiction cult classic.
It may be a bit of a stretch to call 1963’s THE SLIME PEOPLE “a science-fiction cult classic,” but Bill sure enough starred in it, and he’s got plenty to say about making that 1963 picture in the documentary, which we dubbed BILL BOYCE: MONEY ACTOR.
Although it played to an enthusiastic preview audience in Tulsa, BILL BOYCE: MONEY ACTOR never landed an official release. Now, however, thanks to the work of Joey Hambrick, it is available to stream through Amazon Video.
In BILL BOYCE: MONEY ACTOR, you’ll see Bill, an accomplished ballroom dancer, trip the light fantastic to one of his own unique compositions. (He recorded two CDs of original material that our friend, colleague, and originator of the FORGOTTEN HORRORS series of movie books called “absolutely sui generis.” ) You’ll also watch him school guys less than a third of his age on how to stage real-looking fights for the movies. And you’ll hear his tales of 1950s and ‘60s Hollywood and see him in character for one of his last performances, as doomed Oklahoma lawman J.B. Hamby on TV’s UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.
There’s plenty more in BILL BOYCE: MONEY ACTOR, and the price is right. Check it out HERE

Or my fellow Luddites might enjoy a physical copy, $10 via Paypal gets the film on DVD with an attractive case, postage paid. Click the “Buy Now” button below.