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Twentieth-Century Honky-Tonk

The Amazing Unauthorized Story of the Cain’s Ballroom’s First 75 Years in the words of the people who made it happen. From 1924 through 1999, TCHT tells it all, from Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys to U2, the Police, and Van Halen—as Cain’s became an essential stop for breakout acts and cosmic cowboys.

Sinister Serpent
The Cleansing: Book 3

The final installment of the CLEANSING trilogy barrels to a conclusion in SINISTER SERPENT, which finds WPA Folklore Project worker Robert A. Brown roaring through the foreboding Arkansas hills on his souped-up Indian motorcycle, pursued by unknown terrors. 

The Cleansing Series

Join WPA folklore collector Robert A. Brown and his seventh sense in the fear-fraught hills of 1939 Arkansas. Get caught up on all the strange magic, weird secrets, and way-out witchery in the critically acclaimed SEVENTH SENSE and its sequel, SATAN’S SWINE.

Right Down The Middle

A must for any sports fan, RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE celebrates the life and times of a star pitcher — and, later, successful pro golfer — who exchanged the dusty diamonds of his tiny Oklahoma hometown for the manicured playing field of Yankee Stadium, becoming a baseball legend in the process.

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16 January 2020

1. “Bob Wills Boogie,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys(for LEE HAMRICK)2. “Sioux City Sue,” Eric Diamond3. “Bottle by Bottle,” Lattie Moore(for WAYNE MCCOMBS and JIM & JACKIE KARSTEN and…


For almost a generation of Tulsa-area radio listeners, Phil & Brent and their Roy D. Mercer ruled a lion’s share of the airwaves. These days, Brent Douglas — who voiced…
swing-on-this-live (2)

9 JANUARY 2021

1. “Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Age,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 2. “Prairie Lullaby,” Michael Nesmith 3. “That Little Old Wine Drinker Me,” Robert Mitchum (for DALE CLARK…
swing-on-this-live (2)

2 JANUARY 2021

1, :Who Walks in When I Walk out,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys2. “Boogie Back to Texas,” Asleep at the Wheel(for CHRIS BURTON)3, “Chug-A-Lug,” Roger Miller(for WAYNE MCCOMBS, SE…
swing-on-this-live (2)

26 DECEMBER 2020

1. “Osage Stomp,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys2. “Take Me Back to Tulsa,” Billy Parker(for CAROLE & JACK BENDER)3. “I’m A Honky Tonk Girl,” Loretta Lynn(for WAYNE MCCOMBS and…
swing-on-this-live (2)

19 DECEMBER 2020

1. “Empty Chair at the Christmas Table,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys(for KIT SPRAGUE)2. “Swan Lake Christmas,” Nokie Edwards and the Light Crust Doughboys3. “Let It Snow,” Bob Wills’…

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