One of Us #4

You may recognize those lines as part of the welcome given the haughty trapeze artist (played by Olga Baclanova) in the classic 1932 movie Freaks. And while that particular welcoming didn’t go all that well, we’ve appropriated those lines to introduce you to our website, where you’ll find news about new John Wooley books and… Read More »One of Us #4

One of Us #3

You may recognize those lines from the wedding feast in Freaks, the 1932 Tod Browning masterpiece that happens to be one of my three favorite films of all times. (The other two? White Christmas and Grapes of Wrath. Glad you asked.) We appropriate those timeless words as a way of welcoming you to the John… Read More »One of Us #3

One of Us #2

Once again, those lines from what may be the greatest horror movie ever made, 1932’s immortal Freaks, welcome you to the John Wooley website. We (that’s not the royal or editoral “we,” but my webmaster son Jonathan and I) appreciate all of you who’ve visited since our last update, back in January. Thanks also for… Read More »One of Us #2

One of Us #1

The wedding chant of those lovable circus freaks in the greatest horror film of all time — that would be Tod Browning’s Freaks from 1932 — welcomes you to the official (come to think of it, as far as we know, there are no unofficial ones) John Wooley website. This is the late fall-early winter… Read More »One of Us #1