MARCH 12 2022

Bob Wills was never averse to a little experimentation with his Texas Playboys, whether it was adding reeds and horns to the band, hiring female vocalists and instrumentalists, or going deep into the well for material to play and record. It’s unlikely he ever went… Read More »MARCH 12 2022

MARCH 5 2022

This week, I’ve got a trio of songs FROM Tulsa ABOUT Tulsa — that is, T-town tunes by Tulsa artists the Round Up Boys, James Robert Webb, and Luigi Balletto. Plus, as a bonus, a number by Tulsa icon Billy Parker that was recorded at… Read More »MARCH 5 2022

26 FEBRUARY 2022

Houston-born Leon McAuliffe was still a teenager in 1935, when he toted his steel guitar to Tulsa and joined up with Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. Although Leon was, and is, best known for his groundbreaking prowess on that instrument, he was also a… Read More »26 FEBRUARY 2022

19 FEBRUARY 2022

As I’ve long noted in the introduction to SWING ON THIS, Tulsa is the place where Western swing grew up, so it’s only logical that each show would feature a lot of music with T-town connections. Sometimes, though, one of the broadcasts contains even more Tulsa… Read More »19 FEBRUARY 2022

12 FEBRUARY 2022

I guess my frequent use of “Western swing, cowboy jazz, and maybe a surprise or two” as a way of describing the content of SWING ON THIS constitutes some sort of tagline. But as I look over this week’s playlist, I see the description is… Read More »12 FEBRUARY 2022


Here’s a one-question music quiz for you: What’s the only song ever recorded by Billy Parker, Tom T. Hall — and legendary crooner Rudy Vallee? Hint: As you might imagine, it’s an American classic.     You’ll hear Billy’s version if you tune in to… Read More »5 FEBRUARY 2022

29 JANUARY 2022

I’ve done a pretty good amount of research on Bob Wills over the years, and one of the more interesting things I’ve unearthed was his apparent attitude toward rock ’n’ roll music in the late 1950s. Of course, this was when he and brother Johnnie… Read More »29 JANUARY 2022

22 JANUARY 2022

This week, I’m starting SWING ON THIS with an alternate take of a famous Bob Wills tune that didn’t see the light of day until nearly 40 years after it was recorded. You’ll also hear a song from Leon McAuliffe that was recorded at the… Read More »22 JANUARY 2022

9 JANUARY 2022

Like the blues and other musical genres, Western swing — especially Western swing from the ‘30s and ‘40s — loves its double entendre songs. One of the best-known, whose origin is attributed to the blues artist Memphis Minnie, is “What’s the Matter with the Mill?”… Read More »9 JANUARY 2022

1 JANUARY 2022

1. “She’s Killing Me,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 2. “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round?” the Monkees(for NORMA HAMBRICK) 3. “Show Me the Way to Go Home,” Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies(for CAT & CHRIS BURTON and the GLASS LIFTERS) 4. “Till Then,” Tom… Read More »1 JANUARY 2022