I’d like to think that any radio show featuring a song by a Canadian act called Crazy Carl and the Newfies (which, as I understand it, is slang for the Newfoundland breed of dogs) ought to be pretty interesting — but, as always, SWING ON… Read More »4 DECEMBER 2021

27 NOVEMBER 2021

If you feel like a little post-Thanksgiving boogie music, you’ll find just what you’re craving in Saturday’s installment of SWING ON THIS, where I’ve got not one, not two, but three mighty fine boogie recordings from Jim Boyd and His Men of the West, Ida… Read More »27 NOVEMBER 2021

20 NOVEMBER 2021

One of the great joys I get out of doing SWING ON THIS is the chance to pair up things that might, upon first and even second glance, seem incongruous. I will always be grateful for your indulgence in this area; over the years, you’ve… Read More »20 NOVEMBER 2021

13 NOVEMBER 2021

This week on SWING ON THIS, Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the 1920s supply us with three famous tunes, all done up as western-swing numbers. Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys check in with their ‘40s radio transcription of the timeless number from Fats Waller… Read More »13 NOVEMBER 2021


This time around, I’m happy to announce that Shelby Eicher will be dropping by the SWING ON THIS studio, and he and I will be talking about and playing several cuts from his brand-new disc, SWING. Like SWING ON THIS, Shelby’s excellent CD is chock-full… Read More »6 NOVEMBER 2021

30 OCTOBER 2021

There’s a definite seasonal vibe to this week’s episode of SWING ON THIS, with Halloween-ish tunes that begin with Bob Wills and end with Tom Morrell and His Time-Warp Tophands doing a nice instrumental named after a famous genus of dinosaur. In between, more somewhat… Read More »30 OCTOBER 2021

23 OCTOBER 2021

Like a lot of people around here — and, in fact, around the world — I miss Steve Ripley a lot. I think I’ve written here before that he and I went back to Oklahoma State in the late ‘60s, a time when we were… Read More »23 OCTOBER 2021

16 OCTOBER 2021

 It’s Tulsa Time once again on SWING ON THIS, with a good half-dozen T-town stars represented on this Saturday’s playlist. From the classic sound of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, we swing on up to contemporary times with James Robert Webb and the Bagsby… Read More »16 OCTOBER 2021

9 OCTOBER 2021

This week on SWING ON THIS, we’ll remember George Frayne IV, aka Commander Cody, with a trio of his tunes.       I first saw Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen in 1973 with my friend Tim Fletcher at the Fox Theater in Long Beach,… Read More »9 OCTOBER 2021

2 OCTOBER 2021

I got to know the late Gary Stewart a little bit when I was working the country-music beat at the TULSA WORLD; at one point, he was interested in having me collaborate on some sort of Civil War project he had in his head. He… Read More »2 OCTOBER 2021