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December 2021

1 JANUARY 2022

1. “She’s Killing Me,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 2. “What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round?” the Monkees(for NORMA HAMBRICK) 3. “Show Me the Way to Go Home,” Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies(for CAT & CHRIS BURTON and the GLASS LIFTERS) 4. “Till Then,” Tom… Read More »1 JANUARY 2022

25 DECEMBER 2021

It just may be that all the holiday company has mostly, or completely, left your place after a big Christmas day, and you’re settling down with a big tankard of nog to reflect on things. If that’s going to be what’s happening with you at… Read More »25 DECEMBER 2021

18 DECEMBER 2021

For my money, the late Michael Nesmith never got the credit he should’ve gotten as a writer, vocalist, and musical innovator. I’ve always felt he was especially suited to SWING ON THIS listeners, as he combined classic pop, old-time country, swing, and rock — crafting… Read More »18 DECEMBER 2021

11 DECEMBER 2021

compositions from songwriters ranging from George Gershwin and Irving Berlin to Hank Snow and Johnny Bond, this week’s installment of SWING ON THIS offers a little something for everyone with a musically adventurous spirit. And for those who are TRULY  adventurous — and yep, you… Read More »11 DECEMBER 2021


I’d like to think that any radio show featuring a song by a Canadian act called Crazy Carl and the Newfies (which, as I understand it, is slang for the Newfoundland breed of dogs) ought to be pretty interesting — but, as always, SWING ON… Read More »4 DECEMBER 2021