One of Us #4

You may recognize those lines as part of the welcome given the haughty trapeze artist (played by Olga Baclanova) in the classic 1932 movie Freaks. And while that particular welcoming didn’t go all
that well, we’ve appropriated those lines to introduce you to our website, where you’ll find news about new John Wooley books and other projects, as well as opportunites to buy vintage, rare, and out-of-print Wooley material at special prices. We invite you to browse this site, and we’d love to hear from you. Contact us with comments or questions at

Meanwhile, here’s the latest Wooley news:

— John’s latest novel, Awash in the Blood (HAWK Publishing Group), recently sold out in its hardcover edition and has been reprinted as a trade paperback. And while we can’t go into specifics right now, we can say that there is some preliminary movie interest in the book, which tells the tale of a vampire televangelist. We’ll keep you posted.

— Next on the stands for John is a nonfiction movie book, The Big Book of Biker Flicks, co-authored with his friend and frequent collaborator Michael H. Price and published by HAWK Publishing Group. Michael and John have a number of interviews with biker-movie greats, including Peter Fonda, William Smith, Jack Nicholson and Sonny Barger, and they’ve supplied HAWK’s designer with tons of great movie ads and photos. Look for it in time for Christmas 2002.

— Also up soon from Michael and John: Forgotten Horrors 3: Dr. Turner’s House of Horrors, the latest in the acclaimed series from Midnight Marquee Press. Following the death of his longtime co-writer George Turner, Michael asked John to step in as collaborator on the series — and he didn’t have to ask twice. These great books deal with movies from small-time and independent producers and studios, and each volume looks at several dozen pictures — some fairly well known, some almost unknown — that feature horrific elements. The upcoming No. 3, for instance, covers the years 1943-46, and includes entries on the likes of Dead Men Walk, Nabonga, Isle of Forgotten Sins
and the weird Cisco Kidwestern Beauty and the Bandit.

— Under the same “Forgotten Horrors” title, Price and Wooley continue with their well-received column in Fangoria,America’s No. 1 horror media magazine. For Fangoria, they’re writing about movies made between the beginning of the Gore Era (1964) and the home-video era (1984); each column includes a brief interview with someone who helped make the picture. Check “Forgotten Horrors” out in the magazine or the website,

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