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April 2022

30 APRIL 2022

If you’re a regular listener to SWING ON THIS, you know I don’t play any songs several weeks in a row. In fact, a good percentage of the numbers heard on any given Saturday don’t ever show up on the playlist more than once. There’s… Read More »30 APRIL 2022

23 APRIL 2022

There’s probably not an episode of SWING ON THIS that doesn’t have our friend Steve Ripley’s fingerprints on it in some way or another — as artist and/or producer and/or engineer.  This time around, however, I realized I’d included three songs that showcase his other-side-of-the-mike… Read More »23 APRIL 2022

16 APRIL 2022

Jimmie Davis was a down-home musician known for writing or co-writing songs like “You Are My Sunshine,”  Honky Tonk Blues,” and “It Makes No Difference Now” (plus a few double entendre numbers along the lines of “Red Nightgown Blues”). He was also a non-consecutive two-time governor… Read More »16 APRIL 2022

9 APRIL 2022

As I’ve said on the air, I don’t really have any songs in regular rotation on SWING ON THIS, with the exception of the weekly “San Antonio Rose.” That’s a special case, of course, as the crackerjack SWING ON THIS researchers and I continue to… Read More »9 APRIL 2022

2 APRIL 2022

It’s a special time in T-Town, as the far-flung group of music lovers known as the LeonLifers  have gathered in Tulsa for a weekend full of events, centered around Leon Russell’s famous — and newly refurbished — Church Studio. In acknowledgement of their visit, this… Read More »2 APRIL 2022