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Forgotten Horrors Vol. 6:

Up from the Depths (Volume 6)
By Michael H. Price, John Wooley and Jan Alan Henderson

Michael H. Price’s FORGOTTEN HORRORS series of film encyclopedias lurches along through the 1950s with FORGOTTEN HORRORS VOL. 6: UP FROM THE DEPTHS — a chronicle of the horror-movie revival of 1955-1957, with insightful contributions from Jan Alan Henderson and John Wooley. The rise of Roger Corman and Ray Harryhausen, the trendsetting teenage-monster cycle of Herman Cohen, the obsessions with gigantism of Bert I. Gordon, the emergence of Hammer Films, the unheralded genius of monster-maker Paul Blaisdell — all are here, along with studies and sketches of numerous films of both prominence and obscurity. Price’s unique study of the relationship between the horror-comics scare of the post-WWII years and the resurgence of horror in film rounds out the package — a 300-page marvel of pop-cultural insights, perceptive social criticism, and irresponsible cheap thrills.