Introducing the John Wooley Newsletter

While I’m able to navigate the Internet with all the the adroitness of an Allosaurus trying his hand at tole painting, I’m lucky to have a couple of people who really know what they’re doing to run online interference for me: my media coordinator, Lourdes Alcala, and my social-media director, Joey Hambrick. Our working relationship is  very simple. When one of them tells me I need to do something, I do it.

Which is why I’m happy to announce the start of a monthly (or so) newsletter. It will be (a) free and (b) emailed to those interested, and it’ll be the first place I’ll put announcements about new books, etc., plus special offers and lots of content involving, in no particular order, western-swing music, old horror movies, pulp magazines, hard-boiled detectives, ‘60s rock ’n’ roll, undeservedly obscure American writers and actors, and more. About the only thing I can tell you WON’T be in it is politics, as I’d rather focus on what brings us together than what pries us apart. 

I’m starting up this newsletter on the advice of Lourdes, who’ll be running it. 

We won’t be giving our subscription lists away to anyone else. However, we WILL be giving a set of the paperback books that make up the Cleansing trilogy to one winner who signs up before July 31. That’s the horror series set in 1930s Arkansas, written by my great old pal Robert A. Brown and me, which has (he says modestly, digging his toe into the carpet) gotten some great notices from readers and reviewers all across the country.     

The first newsletter should be out in August. If you’re interested, you can sign here:  Hope you’ll join me. I promise we’ll do our best to make it something you’ll look forward to reading each month. 

Keep ‘em flying, and thanks.  

John W.