A ‘Playboy’ Prescription

Millions of baby boomers, myself included, grew up with the rock ’n’ roll hits of Gary Lewis and the Playboys rolling out of our car speakers and transistor radios. Such enduring oldies as “This Diamond Ring,” “Save Your Heart for Me,” and “She’s Just My Style” (all arranged and sometimes co-written by Leon Russell) will forever be important parts of the soundtracks of our lives.

Lewis’s induction into the Army, coming in the midst of his musical successes, was well known to his fans at the time. Less well known, however, is what he did after he got out of the service and began actively trying to better himself as a musician and performer, a quest that took him to Tulsa and a band called Medicine.

Gary himself gives us the scoop on his Medicine days in my latest column for OKLAHOMA Magazine, which you can find right here.

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