Swing On This

Here are a couple of things you need to know about these playlists for the western-swing radio program Swing on This, airing at 7 p.m. on public-radio station KWGS (89.5 FM) in Tulsa and streaming at www.kwgs.com

First of all, it’s as exact as I can make it, given the circumstances. I start with the premise that I’ll be able to play 15 songs in the hour-long show. Sometimes I find myself with enough time to play another tune, or even two. Other times, I don’t. Very occasionally, a CD will hang up or a record skip, and I’ll have to quickly substitute something else.

Second, I’ve been known to take a kind of Zen approach from time to time, grabbing something in a fit of inspiration and sticking it in the middle of a show. I prize spontaneity as much as the next gazabo, especially when today’s commercial radio seems completely leached of it, but I promise to try and rein myself in, so that the following playlists can be as accurate as possible.

Thanks very much for listening. I welcome your comments and requests. The dedications listed below are to folks who’ve written about the show. I’m grateful to them, and to you.

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14 MAY 2022

You may remember Lloyd Price’s big No. 1 rock ’n’ roll hit, “Stagger Lee,” which entered the BILLBOARD charts in December 1958 and hung around for nearly half a year.…
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7 MAY 2022

This week on SWING ON THIS, I’ve got two Moons. That’s Moon as in Mullican, who’s represented by a 1939 recording of a song he wrote and performed with Bob…
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30 APRIL 2022

If you’re a regular listener to SWING ON THIS, you know I don’t play any songs several weeks in a row. In fact, a good percentage of the numbers heard…
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23 APRIL 2022

There’s probably not an episode of SWING ON THIS that doesn’t have our friend Steve Ripley’s fingerprints on it in some way or another — as artist and/or producer and/or…
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16 APRIL 2022

Jimmie Davis was a down-home musician known for writing or co-writing songs like “You Are My Sunshine,”  Honky Tonk Blues,” and “It Makes No Difference Now” (plus a few double…
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9 APRIL 2022

As I’ve said on the air, I don’t really have any songs in regular rotation on SWING ON THIS, with the exception of the weekly “San Antonio Rose.” That’s a…