15 NOVEMBER 2012

                                                            15 NOVEMBER 2012

1.  “I’ll Have Somebody Else,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 

2.  “Texas Blues,” Tony Harrison


3.  “That’s Your Red Wagon,” Tommy Duncan

4.  “Drink the Barrel Dry,” Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

5.  “Ragg Mopp,” A Bar Bunkhouse Band

6.  “Give Back My Heart,” Lyle Lovett

            (for the BENDERS and JANIS)

7.  “You Better Do It Now,” Spade Cooley

            (for CHUCK  AYERS)

8.  “Fort Worth, Texas,” Shoot Low Sheriff

9.  “Muskrat Ramble,” Leon McAuliffe

            (for CURLY LEWIS)
10. “Up Jumped the Devil,” the Tune Wranglers

            (for GUY T. MILLER)

11. “It Had to Be You,” Diddy Wah Diddy 

12. “AfterHours Blues,” Jimmy Revard and His Oklahoma Playboys

13. “Tulsa on A Saturday Night,” Benny Kubiak

            (for TODD BRANSTETTER)

14. “Somebody Else’s Trouble,” Paul Howard and His Cotton Pickers

15. “Just Because,” Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage

            (for JOHN HAMILL)

10 NOVEMBER 2012

                                                GUEST: SHELBY EICHER

1.  “Little Red Head,” Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

2.  “Tulsa Playboys Theme,” the Tulsa Playboys

3.  “Mischevious,” the Eicher Family

            (for CHARLENE SMITH)

4.  “Blues in the Bottle,” Jimmie Revard and His Oklahoma Playboys

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

5.  “Cattle Call,” Cow Bop

 6.  “Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima,” Hank Thompson

7.  “Wonderful One,” Roy Newman and His Boys

            (for JESSE MORRIS)

8.  “Bob, All the Playboys, and Me,” Dorsey Burnette

            (for TODD BRANSTETTER)

9.  “There’s A Man That Comes to Our House,” Sweet Violet Boys

            (for JIM KARSTEIN and FRANK BROWN)

10. “Oklahoma Girl,” Susan Herndon

11. “Graveyard Blues,” Bob Dunn and His Vagabonds

12. “Pick Yourself Up,” Nashville Swing Band 

13. “Stay A Little Longer,” Pine Valley Cosmonauts

            (for JOHN ROSS)

14. “Out of Nowhere,” Tiny Moore and Jethro Burns


1.  “Empty Bed Blues,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 

2.  “Full Moon Full of Love,” Craig Chambers

3.  “Jive & Smile,” Bob Skyles and His Skyrockets

4.  “Here’s to the Horses,” Johnny Russell

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

5.  “In the Jailhouse Now,” Art Davis

6.  “She’s Really Gone,” Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys

7.  “Won’t You Ride in My Little Red Wagon,” Ray Pennington and Buddy Emmons

8.  “Tulsa Baby,” Dave Stogner and the Rhythmairs

            (for GUY T. MILLER)

9.  “Let Me Be,” Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys
10. “These Boots are Made for Walkin’,” Cow Bop

11. “Tulsa Straight Ahead,” Leon McAuliffe 

12. “One More Ride,” Johnny Bond with the Willis Brothers

            (for JOHN HAMILL)

13. “It Ain’t Right,” Ray Condo and His Ricochets

14. “I Get the Blues When It Rains,” Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers

15. “Jersey Bounce,” Ole Rasmussen and His Cornhuskers


27 OCTOBER 2012

1.  “How Can It Be Wrong,” Bob Wills and theTexasPlayboys

2.  “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” Mark Bruner and Shelby Eicher

3.  “(Remember Me) I’m the One Who Loves You,” Merle Haggard

4.  “Some of these Days,” Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies

5.  “I’ll Drink to That,” Billy Parker

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

 6.  “Sweet Moments,” Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys

7.  “Them There Eyes,” Cow Bop

8.  “I Don’t Get It,” Bill Mounce and the Sons of the South

9.  “Let’s Pretend,” Sons of the Pioneers

            (for SUSAN HALL)

10. “If You’re Ever inOklahoma,” Mary Cogan

11. “Hamburger Hop,” Johnny Hicks and His Troubadours

12. “The Lord Knows I’m Drinking,” Hank Thompson 

13. “Back in the Swing of Things,” Playboys II


14. “Some Sweet Day,” Al Clauser and HisOklahomaOutlaws

15. “One Day at A Time,” Western Swing Giants

                                                             20 OCTOBER 2012

1.  “Brain Cloudy Blues,” Bob Wills and HisTexasPlayboys 

2.  “It’s All Your Fault,” Cow Bop

3.  “Wine,” Mel Tillis

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

4.  “Kiss Me Honey (But Take Your Time),” Hank Penny

            (for JESSE MORRIS)

5.  “Ida Red,” A Bar Bunkhouse Band

            (for MARY TANNEHILL)

6.  “Birth of the Blues,” Noel Boggs

            (for JOHN HAMILL)

7.  “Hoppin’ inJoplin,” Maryann Price

8.  “Tiger Rag,” Roy Newman and His Boys

            (for POKEY LAFARGE)

9.  “Where’d You Stay Last Night,” Alvin Crow and His Pleasant Valley Boys
10. “Stardust,” Cliff Bruner and His Boys

11. “Don’t Count Your Chickens,” Lucky Stars 

12. “Bluebonnet Rag,” Bob Wills’ OriginalTexasPlayboys

13. “Mirror on the Wall,” Tommy Duncan

            (for DONNA MATTHEWS)

14. “Milk Cow Blues,” Billy Parker and Johnnie Lee Wills

15. “Cactus Set-Up,” Buddy Spicher

13 OCTOBER 2012

            Tune in for the big live two-hour show, live from Tulsa’s Cain’s Ballroom, the Carnegie Hall of western swing! Listen for music from the Tulsa Playboys, Cow Bop, and Don White, as Swing on This celebrates the 100th birthday of Tulsa music great Johnnie Lee Wills!

6 OCTOBER 2012


            Because of a computer snafu, only a few minutes of the special Sept. 29 show made it to the airwaves. So we ran it again on this date, and got every bit of it out this time.







      W/THANKS TO JOHN HAMILL                  

1.  “San Antonio Rose,” Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

2.  “Little White Lies,” Rebecca Kilgore and James Mason

3.  “Little Ole Wine Drinker Me,” Snooky Lanson

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

4.  “New San Antonio Rose,” Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

5.  “Rag Mop,” Johnnie Lee Wills

6.  “Who Calls You Sweet Mama Now,” Modern Mountaineers

            (for GREG and MELISSA)

7.  “San Antonio Rose,” Pee Wee King

8.  “All of Me,” A Bar Bunkhouse Band

9.  “San Antonio Rose,” Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage

            (for FARRELL BERRY)

10. “Somewhere My Love,” Red Steagall 

            (for RAY BINGHAM)

11. “San Antonio Rose,” Cow Bop

12. “Sweet Moments,” Blue Velvet Band 

13. “Panhandle Shuffle,” Billy Briggs and His X-I-T Boys

14. “It’s Dark Outside,” Spade Cooley

15. “San Antonio Rose,” Carson & Gaile

22 September 2012

1.  “There’s A Big Rock in the Road,” Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 

2.  “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” the Gimbles

3.  “Swingin’ Doors,” Johnny Bond

            (for the GLASS LIFTERS)

4.  “Detour,” Peggy Rains

            (for TAMARA SPENCE)

5.  “Mama’s Gone Goodbye,” Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds

6.  “Tonight I’ll Make It Home to San Antone,” Curly Lewis

7.  “Across the Alley from theAlamo,” Cow Bop

8.  “Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet,” Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies

9. “Summertime,” Four Giants of Swing

            (for CURLY LEWIS)
10. “Rhythm Is Our Business,” Roy Newman and His Boys

11. “Slow Boat to China’,” Tom Morrell and His Time-Warp Tophands

            (for LILA MARTINI) 

12. “Twinkle Little Star,” Jack Stidham and Keith Coleman

13. “Along the Navajo Trail,” Quebe Sisters Band

            (for GLENDA SILVEY)

14. “Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy,” Leon McAuliffe

            (for RICHARD SCHRUM)

15. “Fat Boy Rag,” Johnny Gimble


1. “I’m So Glad I Met You,” Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

2. “We Three,” Wayne Hancock

3. “Hoodle Addle,” Leon McAuliff

            (for JOHN HAMILL)

4. “Me and Millie, Stompin’ Grapes and Gettin’ Silly,” Ronnie Sessions

            (for THE GLASS LIFTERS)

5. “Pipeliner’s Blues,” Modern Mountaineers

6. “Lost in the Ozone,” Commander Cody

            (for MARK & JACKIE DARRAH)

7. “Slow Poke,” Pee Wee King

            (for JESSE MORRIS)

8. “Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me,” Suzy Bogguss

9. “Four or Five Times,” Cliff Bruner’s Texas Wanderers

10. “Dinah,” Cow Bop

11. “I Want More Mustard on My Hot Dog,” Doye O’Dell

            (for GUY T.MILLER)

12. “Deep Water,” Dakota Dave Hull and Sean Blackburn

13. “Joe Turner Blues,” Adolph Hofner and His Texans

14. “Take Me Back to Tulsa,” Billy Parker and Johnnie Lee Wills

15. “Deep Elm Blues,” Prairie Ramblers